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Yealink MVC800

The Yealink MVC800 in Kenya  includes two 360 ° pick-up-range microphones and each MVC800 can connect up to four units and a powerful pan-tilt-zoom camera with 12x optical zoom, to cover up a large conference room.


Yealink MVC800 Nairobi

Yealink’s brand new MVC800 gives users a brand new conferencing system aims to revolutionize the Microsoft Teams Rooms experience for meetings. Made compatible with the Microsoft Teams Rooms, and audio and video solution of Yealink, the MVC800 in Kenya is expected to cover most situations and scenarios of usage, aiming to provide the best possible meeting experience in conference rooms.

Consisting of touch console, a content sharing unit, audio, and video peripherals, and mini PC, the series brings a certain amount of charm to any meeting experience, enhancing it with the familiar Microsoft Teams Rooms interface, and an infinitesimally small learning curve. Most users have claimed they have been able to walk into the room and get their meeting set up and started, with a single touch to join the meeting, or by typing in a few names, and placing an ad hoc calls. With two 360 degrees pick up range microphones for clarity, each MVC800 can connect four units, in addition to a powerful pan tilt zoom camera, with 12x optical zoom, ensuring coverage of the large conference room completely.

Yealink MVC800 in Nairobi is a state of the art all in one video conferencing system is available with Microsoft Teams, and Skype for Business. Designed to host large meeting rooms, conference rooms, and boardroom meetings, with 12 to 20 participants, the MVC ensures that all its components work seamlessly together to provide the best experience.

yealink mvc800 KenyaComponents of the MVC800

The main components of the MVC800 package are the following:

  1. Mini PC, the only component not manufactured by Yealink
  2. MTouch Console, which is the touchscreen console, for centralized control over the group call
  3. MShare HDMI ingest for connection to an HD display if required using HDMI interface, and Mshare providing wireless connectivity as and when it is required
  4. UVC80 12X optical camera to pan the entire conference room, and provide HD video of the whole group, without loss of quality, with a 70-degree field of view.
  5. 2~3 VCM34 array microphone, which has 360 degrees pickup
  6. speaker soundbar

The system is available either with 2 mics for medium rooms, or with mics for larger rooms, and users can choose the appropriate set, based on the size of their conference room.

Key Features of the MVC800

The main features of the Yealink MVC800 Room Systems are discussed below:

  1. It delivers a native Microsoft Teams Rooms meeting experience, with a holistic solution, including a touch console, content sharing unit, audio, and video peripherals and the mini PC
  2. A great pickup from the microphones, and Noise Proof technology, ensuring that no distractions or interruptions are entertained, making for a unique acoustic experience, with crystal clear quality, providing participants with an immersive meeting experience. This ensures that everyone can hear and be heard clearly, making for the best conference experience.
  3. A 12x optical zoom and long field depth ensure that remote parties can see the entire room, without loss of quality.
  4. Instant wireless connectivity, without any clutter. A plug and play network that can easily help groups connect, and discuss, without hassles of wired connections.

Advantages of the MVC800

A few key advantages to using the MVC800 to manage your conferences are as follows:

  1. Seamless Team Meeting Experience, due to the design which places a great deal of importance in the immersive quality of the system. This bundle solution aims to make a smart system, that integrates all its components to deliver premium, high-quality audio and video experience, free from any interruptions, with its Noise Proof technology, and flexible deployment, which can adapt to the layout of any room. The aim here is to create and organize a native, effective Microsoft Teams Rooms meeting environment.
  2. The eight-inch touch display of the meeting console is fully packed with a wide array of management tools, which aim to provide easy team management, with low learning costs. Plug in software tailored for the purpose allows users to control the pan, tilt and zoom options of the camera. An embedded Human Motion Sensor activates a console as soon as human motion is detected. In addition, meetings can be started at a single touch. This makes the whole process of starting, as well as carrying out a successful meeting very simple.
  3. Great Audio and Video Experience, which is ensured by the wireless microphone solution, and 12x optical zoom, which allows participants to capture the visual and audio experience of each meeting, to the maximum.
  4. The system ensures that participants can view the happenings in 1080p/30fps resolution, and the MShare and HDMI input helps users present content from their own laptops. The wireless presentation offers users a certain amount of flexibility, and users can share content with a single click, which ensures that the content is available to all participants, and avoids any hassles that may be caused by sharing the content beforehand or not sharing it at all
  5. The mini PC box is easily deployable and can be placed anywhere, on tables, on a wall, set on a TV cart, the possibilities are endless. This ensures a clutter-free meeting table, which only adds to the beauty of the meeting.
  6. Yealink Device Management Platform ensures that users are able to monitor and manage all the Yealink audio and video devices. Configuration, updates, and diagnosis can also be done remotely, for all the peripherals associated with this system.

These are just a few advantages of the Yealink MVC800 system in Eldoret, which ensures the best conference experience for teams. This is indeed a wise investment, and it would greatly enhance productivity, and raise the bar of performance, for any organization. Certainly a sound tool to gain maximum inputs and have fruitful discussions, it has been a favorite among users, with most users willing to recommend it to others. With its Global delivery, and easy to deploy the system, the MVC800 is a must-have, as part of your business communication solutions, for sure.

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