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Yealink MVC500

The Yealink MVC500 in Kenya is designed to work with Microsoft Video and collaboration solutions. It delivers native Microsoft Teams room meeting experience. Its complete solutions designed for small to medium-size meeting rooms with touch console, content sharing system, audio-video equipment, and mini pc.


Yealink MVC500 Kenya

Yealink’s MVC500 in Kenya aims to bring a new norm to the world of video conferencing, acting as a video conferencing system for Microsoft teams and Skype for Business. It aims to bring the best of audio and video coverage to conferences and includes all devices that one might need to carry out a professional video conferencing scenario, with seamless integration, as all the core devices are manufactured by Yealink. This ensures a good harmony among these components, and users are assured to be on the receiving end of a high-quality professional video conferencing system.

Consisting of a mini PC for central control, a UVC50 camera, MTouch control console, two CPW90 wireless microphones, and a soundbar to take care of audio, it also has an MShare screen sharing adapter. Designed for conferences comprising of groups of 6 to 12 people, the MVC500 is aimed at medium-sized conference rooms. With a wide-angle 5x zoom camera, the system offers users a charming conference system that ensures top quality, and easy communication. Its audio peripherals provide HD quality audio, and camera allows for a full view of the conference room, ensuring that remote participants do not miss out on the entire conference experience, and can participate without any hassles, or hesitations.

yealink mvc500 NairobiComponents of the MVC500

The main components of the MVC500 package are the following:

  1. Mini PC, the only component not manufactured by Yealink
  2. MTouch Console, which provides centralized control over the group call, and functions as the touch console
  3. MShare HDMI ingest, which uses the MShare feature for wireless sharing, and HDMI cable for connectivity to an HD screen, as and when required
  4. UVC80 5X optical camera to cover the whole conference room, and provide HD video of the whole group, without loss of quality, with an 86 degree field of view.
  5. 2 CPW90 wireless microphones for crystal clear audio pickup
  6. MSpeaker soundbar

Made keeping in mind small to medium-sized conference rooms, it lives up to its expectations and delivers a wholesome conference atmosphere.

Key Features of the MVC500

The main features of the Yealink MVC500 in Nairobi Room Systems are discussed below:

  1. It provides users with a native Microsoft Teams Rooms meeting experience, designed for small and medium meeting rooms, and striving to give a complete solution, encompassing touch console, content sharing unit, and peripherals for audio and video, in addition to a mini PC for centralized control over the entire meeting.
  2. A 10 feet pickup from the microphones, and DECT technology, up to 50 meters of communication distance is supported. This allows for even minute details to be caught, and no important part of the meeting is unavailable. This makes for an unforgettable acoustic experience for the users and ensures that everyone can be heard, and hears just as clearly.
  3. The UVC50 camera comes equipped with wide angle lends and this enables users to maintain a vivid, face to face video conference, which adds to the experience.
  4. It is available in both wireless, and wired systems, and the user can choose one, as per the convenience.

Advantages of the MVC500

A few key advantages to using the MVC500 Microsoft Video Conferencing to manage your conferences are as follows:

  1. The design of the MVC500 ensures a seamless team meeting experience, with an immersive conference. The MVC500 series is a bundled solution, which includes all the components required to meet, connect, and collaborate with users, both internally, and externally. The MVC500 brings to users high-quality audio and video interaction, with its audio and video devices. In addition to the Noise Proof technology by Yealink, its HD audio technology also contributes to the crystal clear audio quality, which makes sure that everyone is able to voice their opinions and be heard clearly. The flexible deployment also makes sure that the system is well adapted to the layout of your conference room, which is very important.
  2. The microphone solution allows cable-free communication, and HD audio with the Noise Free technology gives premium audio experience, while the 5x pan, tilt, zoom functions of the camera makes sure to give an all-around view of the room. Both of these together contribute to immersive audio and video experience
  3. Meetings are made very easy to both start and manage. An 8-inch display comes with multiple management tools, all aimed at providing the familiar Microsoft Teams interface, and easy management experience, all at a low learning curve. The plug and software ensure that users can control the camera, and start the meeting with a single touch. In addition, human motion sensors are used to activate the console when human motion is detected.
  4. Content sharing is made very simple, with the help of MShare, and HDMI cable. Users can even present content from their laptop, and there is a high level of flexibility. Plugging in the adapter ensures content sharing, and does not require users to go through any extra hassles.
  5. AN easy to deploy mini PC can be placed almost anywhere, on tables, in a TV cart, or even mounted on a wall, for best viewing experience. This ensures a clutter-free meeting environment, and comes with a cable box housing, with more than 45N force protection.
  6. Remote monitoring of the device is made possible, with Yealink Device Management Platform, which allows users to monitor, configure, diagnose and update all audio and video peripherals.

While the Yealink  MVC500 in Eldoret is not suited for larger groups for meetings, it is quite well suited for general purpose conferences. It is an invaluable addition to your organization for its meeting purposes, especially in cases involving remote participants. It will no doubt boost productivity, and raise the performance bar, with its high-quality audio and video experience.

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