Yealink CP900 Nairobi Kenya


Yealink CP900

Yealink’s CP900 in Kenya offers users a high-performance portable speakerphone, that is extremely flexible and scalable for meetings of up to 6 participants.


Yealink CP900 Conference Speaker Phone

Yealink’s CP900 in Kenya offers users a high-performance portable speakerphone, that is extremely flexible and scalable for meetings of up to 6 participants. With an easy to use plug and play connectivity that ensures connectivity to PCs, tablets, and smartphones, all with the help of Bluetooth wireless connectivity, or USB wired connection as per your requirement, this is especially suited for Microsoft teams, providing the ultimate speakerphone experience. Ideal for huddle rooms, personal use, and on the go applications, this is a highly flexible device, with a number of unique features that make it desirable for many reasons.

With its classy, light and mobile design, the Yealink CP900 in Nairobi , well suited for professionals who wish to store their communications solutions in a suitcase. Its touchable smart button is another attractive feature. All in all, this well put together device, that can be used for a wide variety of applications, offers a comfortable blend of functionality and ease of use, at a reasonable cost.

YEALINK CP900 conference speaker phone NairobiKey Highlights and Features of the CP900

The unique functionalities of the device are one of the many factors that contribute to the success of the Yealink CP900 in Eldoret. The main features and highlights of the Yealink CP900 are discussed here:

  1. Clear, distraction-free HD voice, which makes attending discussions via voice calls, and listening to music an enjoyable experience, with the help of AEC( Acoustic Echo Cancellation), NS( Noise Suppression) and DSP (Digital Signal Processing).
  1. 6.5 foot microphone, with a 360-degree pickup range for better quality.
  1. 6 microphones beamforming array for a complete duplex experience. Wideband audio makes it easier to be heard, and involved in meetings.
  1. USB or Bluetooth connectivity, for notebooks, smartphones and tablets.
  1. Portable design for mobility and a better on the go experience.
  1. Ease of connection, due to the simple plug and play option, allowing Bluetooth and USB connections to computers, tablets and smartphones.
  1. Touchable smart buttons are present, allowing users to have a full call control compatibility. The deep integration with Microsoft Teams also makes a Team button possible, which makes team collaboration easy to achieve. This offers a low learning cost experience and effective communication.
  1. In addition to CP900’s premium battery life and 12 hour talk time, it also comes with a protective zipper bag, allowing for ease of travel.
  1. Great customer support, which makes sure that all user concerns are dealt with as soon as possible.

The only concern users have raised is that you might end up paying for a device with a number of features that you do not necessarily use. However, CP900 is definitely worth the investment for sure.

With its great performance and flexibility, it is capable of meeting the requirements of a number of situations. In addition, it is definitely tailor-made for the best team experience possible, making it a clear favorite in terms of business communication solutions. Its sleek design makes it a welcome addition to any huddle room and is a great choice indeed.

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